Analyzing The Digital Marketing Campaign Essay

Analyzing The Digital Marketing Campaign Essay

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1. Introduction
The aim of this report is to analyze the digital marketing campaign “For the Bold” of product Doritos in terms of two categories of social media, social community media and social publishing media, and to consider whether the campaign is successful in terms of two criteria for analyzing marketing campaign on growing sales and increasing proximity to customers.

The marketing campaign is called “For the Bold”. The company of Doritos is PepsiCo Inc.(PEP). Based on the data from Savory Snacks Industry Profile: United Kingdom (2014), PEP was the sixth of the top 50 package food with a 47.5% market share in UK savory market. In the end of fiscal year July 2013, the total revenues reported was $864 million, net loss was $163 million and net income was $701 million.(Savory Snacks Industry Profile: United Kingdom, 2014: page 11, page 25 )

2. Literature Review
Secondary sources analyze on a digital marketing campaign called “For the Bold” for the product Doritos. The two categories of social media about this campaign, social community media and social publishing media, will determine whether the campaign is succeeded in terms of two criteria for the analysis of marketing campaigns: growing sales and increasing proximity to customers.

It is important that using social community media and social publishing media such as Facebook and YouTube to acquire the purpose of campaign “For the Bold”. The aim of campaign stated by Belan (2013) is to create unforgettable and boldest moments and during campaign. (Belan, 2013: page 2) The execution is successful since 2013 on social media. The advertisements about Doritos are available on YouTube and the last advertisement is watched 1,497,550 times, while more than 15 million people fol...

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...l not only grow sale, but also get closer to consumers.

On the basis of results of primary research, this section had offered the following recommendations, choosing a special day for campaign like a thanking day and showing unforgettable and boldest memories to others on social media.

6. Conclusion
The report had analysed social community media and social publishing media of marketing campaign “For the Bold”. It had discussed whether the campaign was successful in growing sales and increasing proximity to customers.

The results of primary research suggested that:
1. The campaign had a growth on sales at Middlesex University.
2. It was a failure that the campaign attempted to increase proximity to customers.

On account of these results, the future marketing campaign was advised to set up a special activity and encourage people to upload picture on social media.

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