Analyzing The Data Using An Anova Univariate Essay

Analyzing The Data Using An Anova Univariate Essay

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The researchers analyzed the data using an ANOVA univariate. The dependent variable was gender and the independent variables were images I, II and III
The results of the study were analyzed using a univariate data analysis, which measured the dependent variable (gender). Within the sample, there was no significant difference in the performance of males and females in the visual search task. The ANOVA revealed that there was no significant difference in male and female performance for the gender-specific images and neutral image. For Image I (neutral), female performance (31 SD=. 851, Mean=6.487) was compared to male performance (SD=1.007, Mean=6.29). There was no significant difference between groups regarding image I (df=4, Type III Sum of Squares = .824, Mean Square = .206, F= .916, Sig= .505). For Image II (female oriented), female performance (M=5.558, SD=2.248) was compared to male performance (M=5.90, SD=2.166). The results showed that both male and female participants performed equally poor on Image II and there was no significant difference between groups (df= 7, Typ...

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