Analyzing The Characters And The Issues They Are Dealing With The Human Resources Department

Analyzing The Characters And The Issues They Are Dealing With The Human Resources Department

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In this analysis includes a summary of the characters and the issues they are dealing with, as well as concepts that are seen that we have discussed in class. Such as stereotyping and the lack of discrimination and prejudice, then finally I suggest a few actions that can be taken to help solve the issues at hand, allowing the involved parties to explain their positions and give them a few immersion opportunities to experience their individual cultures.
This third case study takes place within the organization called TechnoloComm. The main character in this story is named Jessica Martinez, she was hired by TechnoloComm to work in the human resources department. Specifically, she is working on internal newsletters and publicity for the organization. Peter and Alex, are two men who are a part of her team that works together on the newsletter, communication training, maintaining the company’s website and organization publicity. Their boss’ name is Tom, he is there to check in on their progress and make sure everything is running smoothly.
Some of the issues that are occurring in this organization include Alex and Peter teasing and making jokes that Jessica finds offensive to her heritage. There is also misunderstanding and lack of communication between Jessica and her team members that causes tensions. The jokes and comments that these men said include, “you must live in the el barrio, right?”, “I always heard that Hispanics don’t like to barbecue.” followed by this reasoning, “Well, the beans fall through the grill.”, and over the next three months they continued to tease her about her culture a little bit and other things as well.
Jessica goes to Tom with her concerns about the teasing but Tom just brushes it off saying that the...

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I also think it would be beneficial for the men to go and experience a bit of her culture so they can see that the stereotypes and generations that they hold of her background are not necessarily true. Hopefully this experience would allow them to understand how their jokes could be taken offensively. To be fair to the men, I would suggest that Jessica go and experience their culture so that she can understand their humor better and in the future not get offended by it.
In this case study analysis I talked about the main characters and issues involved as well as a few concepts from class including stereotypes and the lack of prejudice and discrimination. I also suggested a few solutions to help resolve the conflict, having Jessica, Peter and Alex sit down and talk about their issues then allowing each of them respectively experience the other’s culture.

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