Essay Analyzing the Black Death that Hit Europe in the Middle Ages

Essay Analyzing the Black Death that Hit Europe in the Middle Ages

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Thousands of cases of plague occur in the United States every year, yet nowadays we have the technology to contain and cure it. However, can you imagine what it might have been like in the Middle Ages; when pestilence ruled the land, without a single soul to know how to avoid its wrath? The Black Death is the second most devastating pandemic ever to break out in the Middle Ages. Its competitor, the Plague of Justinian, is supposed to be the first and most devastating plague of medieval times; however, the Black Death is still just as devastating, is very well known, and even started the same way.
The Black Death, also known as the “Great Pestilence” or the “Great Plague” in the 14th century, is an awful disease that killed 75-200 million in 1348-50 C.E. The Black Death originated on the barren plains of Asia and meandered its way onto the Silk Road until it reached Chimera in 1346, leaving destruction and disaster in its wake. This disastrous plague decreased Europe’s population by 30-60%, one third of Europe’s population, during the 14th century and created religious, social, and e...

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