Analyzing The Beliefs Of Positive Globalists Essay

Analyzing The Beliefs Of Positive Globalists Essay

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Globalisation is explained in simplistic terms as ‘the widening, deepening and speeding up of worldwide interconnectedness’(Held & McGrew, 2007).It has seen considerable intensification in recent decades due to furthering development of technology, such as the invention of the internet and mobile phones, and increasing dependence on the interconnected global financial market. As the globalisation process has grown, academics have offered several differing ideas on the phenomenon and its effects. According to Cochrane and Pain (2004), the viewpoints that attempt to explain globalisation can be defined by four categories, these are positive globalists, negative globalists, inter-nationalists and transformationalists. This essay will critically analyse the beliefs of positive globalists, and will examine the impact that ‘neoliberal’ globalisation has had.
Four key arguments are presented in the discussion of Globalisation; Inter-nationalists are sceptical of the importance of globalisation and suggest that national culture and identity continue unchanged. Transformationalists believe that while there is a significant shift happening to national cultures; there is evidence that the changes are ‘more nuanced or contradictory’ than believed by inter-nationalists or globalists (Mackay, 2004). Finally, globalists put forward the idea that the process is ‘real and tangible’ and that national boundaries are showing fewer disparities between each other. Globalists point to four key concepts to justify their findings; stretched social relations, intensifications of flows, increasing interpenetration and furthering arrangements of global infrastructure. The concept of stretched social relations suggests that a common cultural, economic and...

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...anies to maintain survival. In the UK, this has resulted in many independent companies being bought by foreign owners (Sweney, 2014). This could be argued to have led to media plurality being diminished as a result. Chomsky & Herman (2010) argue that concentrating ownership of the mainstream media into the hands of few major corporations has created a “power elite” within society. They also assert it has limited the breadth of debate displayed in coverage. They also suggest that this has created a ‘propaganda’ model in media is also described as ‘thought control’.
In conclusion, the arguments made by positive globalists – that neoliberal globalisation creates a better society can be contested, through evaluation of the inequality it has been argued to have spawned, as well as its effects on climate change schemes, and the media concentration that has developed.

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