Essay on Analyzing The Articles Of Confederation

Essay on Analyzing The Articles Of Confederation

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Directions: Read the Articles of Confederation, found on pages 143-147 of For the Record, and then answer each question in a complete paragraph (5 complete sentences minimum for each question). You may use the document, America, and any relevant resources I provided, but outside research is not permitted. Be sure to include specific examples from the sources provided in your responses where relevant and explain your reasoning behind why you came to the conclusions that you did. When you use examples, paraphrase, or quote a source, make sure to cite your sources using MLA in-text citations and to include a works cited page. Upload your completed analysis to Moodle by 11:55 P.M. on Thursday, October 1st.

1. Who wrote this document? (Don’t just list a name here – provide some background information on the person.) When and where did the author write this document (provide historical context)? This document was written by John Dickinson, and was revised by congress. It was revised by congress because John Dickinson gave too much power to the federal government, and not enough to the states. John Dickinson was a delegate of Pennsylvania (Shi, Tindal 137) who was reluctant towards forming a new American government without a stable constitution or reliable allies. On June 12th 1776, ideas were set in place and a committee was formed to write the Articles of Confederation. Exactly one month later, the first draft was submitted to congress and was revised up until November 15th 1777. The Articles of Confederation was not put into complete action until March 1st 1781 mainly because not all states agreed to ratify (Shi, Tindall 174). As For the Record states, “Maryland refused to ratify until Virginia ceded her western land claims t...

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...nother value of this document would be the first experimentation with having a republican government. Lastly this document would be valuable for historians to study to see where exactly the Articles of Confederation failed, or succeeded. This would benefit America now and in the future so we could refrain from making the same mistakes twice. Even though this document was the first form of government in the United States, it created a few problems when it comes to history. The Articles of Confederation left out a few major issues that still impact Americans today. It did not mention women’s rights, slavery, Native American rights or the Bill of rights. These are all issues historians would face when using this source because these topics that were not mentioned in the Articles of Confederation are topics that Americans have struggled to gain and have as basic rights.

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