Analyzing Online Shopping Essay

Analyzing Online Shopping Essay

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2.1 Shopping is made more convenient
One of the main advantages of online shopping to the consumers is the convenience of being able to shop anywhere and anytime. Online stores can be easily accessed by any device which can connect to the internet. With online shopping, it is entirely possible to shop in the wee hours of the morning, while still on bed as online stores almost never close. An individual only has to log onto a particular website, add the items they want to purchase into their shopping carts and checkout to pay for said item. They don’t need to even leave the comforts of being home (ICT, n.d.). According to a survey done by Rivate Label Buyer (Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Shopping, 2013), about 80% of consumers opt for online shopping as they do not need to go through traffic and find a parking spot at the shopping centre and another 70% of consumers shop online as they do not need to walk around the store looking for something or get ready to go to the store. The simplicity of this method of shopping is the main pulling factor of online shoppers. According to Boswell, W. (n.d.) mothers with small children, people who are homebound and during the times of unsuitable weather, online shopping is the way to go.

Another convenience of online shopping is that it is time and energy saving.When we shop for items in the shopping mall, we would have to go from one store to another to look for a specific item, which sometimes we don’t end up finding. This usually puts us in a chain of travelling from one place to another, which is generally very tiring and time consuming. However, with online shopping, all this waste of energy and time can be subtracted; as we would not have to wait for opening hours, face pushy st...

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