Analyzing Management Strategies for Control Applied in Infrastructure Essay

Analyzing Management Strategies for Control Applied in Infrastructure Essay

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Development Company Limited
“Management control refers to the process by which an organization influences its subunits and members to behave in ways that lead to the attainment of organizational objectives (Arrow, 1974; Flamholtz, Das, & Tsui, 1985; ouchi, 1977).” Regarding control strategies child stated, “While there are numerous ways to do this, the system must be flexible and provide accurate information in a short time frame so that managers can respond. The controls set forth determine the rules everyone within the organisation must follow and help to govern the essential activities of employees.”
“According to Child (2005), “There are six main strategies of control that can exist within organizations: 1) personal centralised control, 2) bureaucratic control, 3) output control, 4) control through electronic surveillance, 5) HRM control and 6) cultural control. Each strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.” (Child, 2005, Ch. 5, p. 118-131).
To analyze the strategies of control, I can give example of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL), where I am working right now.
Organization overview
After its establishment in 14th May, 1997, Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) emerged as the market leader in private sector energy and infrastructure financing in Bangladesh. The company was established by the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) and acting as missing link of financing for medium and large-scale infrastructure as well as renewable energy projects in Bangladesh.
Management structure and controlling style of IDCOL
A body of eight-member independent Board of Directors managed IDCOL. They are always four senior government officials, three prominent entrepreneurs from the private sector ...

... middle of paper ...

...very unit heads are its members. The cross functional team shared the unit goals as well as common goals and breaks the communication barriers and departments boundary to respond any circumstances quickly. We held a formal meeting in every 15 days and we feel that we are no longer isolated rather we are working together to achieve a common goal.
Blending all the control strategies and developed a optimum one and bring it in practice is not a easy task. Only a good leader can make a right mixture. Again, How optimum is optimum will bring another burning questions.
1. Child, J., 2005. Organization- Contemporary Principles and Practice. Malden (MA): Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
2. Barnat, Ryszard. Strategic Management: Formulation and Implementation Available from: (Accessed: 10 January 2014).

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