Analyzing Group Dynamics Through Investigating Group Formation And Structure, And Leadership

Analyzing Group Dynamics Through Investigating Group Formation And Structure, And Leadership

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This research assignment critically analyzes group dynamics through examining Group Formation and Structure, and Leadership. The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to work in a small in-class group and experience the changes and processes that occur within groups. The assignment aims to provide an insight into behaviour of individuals in groups by reflecting on the individual 's personal experience as a member of the structured in-class group and comparing it to relevant theories and academic research. The in-class group comprised of five members and it was an all female group. The author, member Petunia, was a 22 year old Health Studies Major, member Jasmine was a 48 year old Psychology Major, Member Daisy was a 23 year old Communications Major, Member Tulip was a 21 year old Psychology Major and Member Rose was a 22 year old Psychology Major as well. The members belonged to diverse ethnic background and varied in their country of birth. However, all the members had similar North American upbringing and values. Apart from Member Jasmine, who belonged to Generation X, all the other four members were Generation Y. The members selected "D-Girls" as the group name and their slogan was "D-Girls to the rescue". The group D-Girls worked together on various assigned group activities twice a week for four weeks.
Group Formation and Structure
Norm Development
The group members of D-Girls conformed to a number of emergent and implicit norms from the very early days of group formation. One of the prescriptive norms that the group adopted was meeting at the front of the classroom every lecture before the group activity. Another prescriptive but consensual norm that D Girls conformed to was going ...

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...(Mattanah et al. 2010).
This research study is relevant to the experience of all the members of the D-Girls and the way in which they received social support. Group member Petunia (the author) was a new student to the University but felt less lonely as she received social support in form of inclusive and informational support from the Group. As well, inclusive support from member Jasmine, Tulip, Daisy and Petunia (author) made it easier for member Rose to adjust to the group. The group D-Girls ' performance was enhanced by the social support each member provided and received. This is consistent with the findings of a research study by Huffmeier and Hertel (2011) which concluded that task related support increase member 's coordination and the organization of the group; and affective (emotional) support from group members provide motivation to team members.

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