Essay on Analyzing Communication Skills

Essay on Analyzing Communication Skills

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Stephen Covey (1990) recommends “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” (Irmsher, 2000). In order to interact with anyone, teachers, students, community members, family members and stakeholders, one must first understand where the person is coming from. When one listen to a person attentive that gives that person psychological air. Communicating is vital to being an effective educator. We communicate with others both verbally and nonverbal by eye to eye contact, gestures, body languages, and posture. Many problems arise because of poor communication among leaders. Self-awareness builds a positive school environment through effective communication skills by sending direct messages, feedback, and what is being communicated nonverbally (Davies, 2001).

The four communication skills that will be analyzed are; active listening, assertive communication, rapport communication, and nonverbal communication. The questions in this chart will be used to analyze five school leaders and five poor communicators in my schools’ district. Communication instrument is a tool used to survey the communication practice within a system or organization. This instrument will determine if feedback is being received and deliver properly.

Questions Regularly Sometime Never
1. Do you practice good listening skills?
2. Do you show active listening skills by body movement?
3. Do you believe in rapport communication?
4. Do you accept other people’s point of view?
5. Do you ever use assertive communication?
6. Would you use assertive communication more than active listening
7. Do you offer feedback to a speaker in a respectful manner?
8. Do you feel ...

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