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It is simple to look at an individual’s life and analyze and critique their choices based on our own opinions and experiences. Is that fair? No. We may see their actions clearly but the reasoning behind these is what we should focus on when it comes to judging someone’s behavior or circumstances. A common judgment made about a person is based on their career. In our society, it would behoove us to look at the path that leads to becoming a doctor instead of a drug dealer.
Application of career theories to my own life allows for analyzing past and future career decisions. Holland’s Theory of Careers states that one’s vocation is an expression of self, personality, and way of life. There is an indisputable and fundamental difference in the quality of life one experiences if they choose a career one truly enjoys, versus choosing a career one detests. A true testament to the validity of Holland’s theory, my job/career choices reflect my interests, as well as the evolution of my personality (internal self). My first job as a fine jewelry specialist and second job as a make-up artist echo my love of the fashion world. As I matured and became less fascinated by presumed “glamour” careers, I became captivated by physical fitness, nutrition, and medicine; I received my national fitness trainer certificate so that I may become a personal trainer. Nevertheless, my career decisions do not fit uniformly into merely one career theory.
2)Ginsberg and Super’s Theories of Career Development assert that there are several predictive stages of career development, based moreover on the developmental stages of life. Under this theory, as a child I was in the fantasy period; I saw myself becoming a famous model/dancer/actress or presti...

... middle of paper ... state that there is one most and one least important factor that affects career choices. If asking ten people what made them choose a career it is expected each will give a completely different answer. Each individual is unique and so are their experiences.
Analyzing career theory is an important task, not only as an individual but also on a large scale. If everyone has the career they are best at and enjoy above all others, the world would be a much happier place. Imagine a world where each individual viewed work as not something they have to do, but as something they want to do. Productivity would increase at all levels. Charitable foundations and businesses would be abundant. Whereas this ideal may not be fathomable at this point, if each person used this information, it would be only a matter of time before we are moving in that harmonious direction.

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