Essay about Analyzing Canadian Energy Trade Policy Through Two Lenses

Essay about Analyzing Canadian Energy Trade Policy Through Two Lenses

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1. Introduction
“Using history as a mirror allows one to see the future trends. Using a person as a mirror allows one to see what is right and what is wrong.” – Chinese Tang Dynasty Emperor Shimin Lee. In this paper, I will use two lenses to analysis Canadian energy trade policy. First, I will compare Canada’s old National Energy Program (NEP) in 1980 and today’s Free Trade Regime, and predict what the future trend might be for Canada’s energy trade policy design and implementation. Second, I will compare Canada’s energy free trade policy with China and Russia’s state control energy trade policy, and analysis their lessons for Canada’s future energy trade policy design.
National Energy Program (NEP) was created by liberal government in 1980 to ensure price stability and to increase Canadian consumption of its own resources. However, this program failed because of incorrect economic prediction and pressure from provinces and industry. Today, the federal government helps ensure energy security through its free trade regime under the NAFTA. Due to highly depend on U.S. energy demand...

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