Essay on Analyzing And Purify Of Aspirin And Oil

Essay on Analyzing And Purify Of Aspirin And Oil

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Discussion 19
The purpose of this experiment was to synthesize and purify of Aspirin and Oil in wintergreen. While determining the purity through analytical techniques.
During the first part of the lab the crude sample of acetylsalicylic acid, Aspirin, was synthesized. The synthesis of Aspirin shows a general trend of chemical reactions known as esterification reactions. The compound containing a hydroxyl group reacts with a compound containing a carboxylic acid group, producing an ester molecule and water. Since this reaction is slow, the lab used acetic anhydride instead of acetic acid to drive the reaction to completion. As a result, the chemical formula is
C7H6O3(s) + C4H6O3(l) → C4H8O4(s) + C2H4O2(l)
The mass of aspirin produced was 6.051g producing a high percent yield of 154.8%. This can easily be explained by the presence of impurities in the aspirin. The unreacted salicylic acid and acetic acid helped make the % yield higher. The data shows the importance when understanding functional groups when synthesizing organic compounds. While showing the effect of impurities in a product with the % yield.
Part 2 of the lab was a purity test; testing the produced aspirin sample for unwanted impurities. FeCl3 solution was added as an indicator to a test tube containing salicylic acid and the product made during the experiment. Both test tubes produced a very similar color of purple, but the salicylic acid one produced a little bit darker purple color. Since the color purple was produced, it showed that salicylic acid was present in the product and that it has impurities in the product.
Part 3 of this lab was using a method to purify the crude aspirin sample; getting rid of the unreacted salicylic acid, impurities. Since salicyli...

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...Part 1 a smaller % yield of Aspirin was produced. This could most accurately be explained by the mass of impurities in the crude sample. While there was an accident in the ice bath causing the excess water could have added to the excess product. Part 3 produced a relatively low % yield for pure Aspirin during the recrystallization process. This could have happened due to the difficulty of recrystallizing uncontrolled environment and not taking enough time for it to dry. The ideal temperature at which Aspirin should be crystallized is hard to achieve, so it would take a longer time for the Aspirin to dry. In Part 7 because there were impurities left over in the crude and pure it didn’t get a favorable result. Even the sample the TA provided was affected by the environment and did not produce the correct result. This shows the effect of impurities in organic compounds.

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