Essay on Analytics Are Software Programs That Generate Metrics

Essay on Analytics Are Software Programs That Generate Metrics

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According to the most basic definition, analytics are software programs that generate metrics. Metrics are measurements. And measurements can help you benchmark desired results. Now that may seem as clear as mud, but if you 'll hang in for just a bit, maybe we can strain some of the mud out together and make the picture a little clearer. Clarity starts with understanding a bit about what measurements are available for your web site and how those measurements are arrived at. Essentially, what most analytics applications measure is how many people come to your site, how they get there, and what they do while they 're there. Of course that 's not nearly as simple as it sounds, but it 's a good basic description. What 's most important in that description may be the part about figuring out how those measurements are arrived at. And this is where things start to get a little complicated. First, there are a couple of ways to collect data: Client-side data collection: Uses data that 's installed on the user 's computer to collect data about that user 's movements on the Web. Server-side data collection: Uses software that 's stored on a web server to collect data about a visitor 's movements on the Web.
And then there are also a couple of different measurement techniques: Server logs: Files of data, collected by a web server, about the visitors to a specific web site. Server logs are usually pretty unintelligible until they 're processed by software such as stats packages or log analyzers. Analytics applications: Analytics applications, such as Google Analytics, take raw data (collected using a small snippet of JavaScript
Web Analytics 2.0 is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from your website and the competition, to driv...

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...ched version is faster than the page itself.
According to Indiana University, search robots that are also knowns as bots, wanderers, spiders, and crawlers. Web search engines use the tools to build their database. Most robots function like web browsers, but they don’t require user interaction. Robots access web pages and use links to locate and link to other sites. They are used to index titles, summaries, or the contents of documents, which is faster than a human could. The challenge of search robots is some servers can be overwhelmed by search robots because their efficiency make them appealing to the mangers of search engines. To prevent your servers from being overwhelmed, a robots.txt is used to indicate what parts of the sites you don’t want to be accessed by search engine. However, the robots.txt cannot deny all the access from all the search engine crawlers

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