Analytical Chemists and Chemical Compounds Essay

Analytical Chemists and Chemical Compounds Essay

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Analytical chemists will use different types of analysis to identify chemical compounds and their properties. Some tests they may use to conduct this analysis include calorimetry, spectroscopy and chromatography. This type of workis used in a wide variety of industries such as mining and metal production industries.
Environmental chemists investigate chemical phenomena in nature and the human effects on these. They use many of the same tests as analytical chemists to accomplish this. This type of work is often used in conjunction with environmental engineers.
Cereal chemists study wheat and grains. Their work is very varied – some analyse the biochemistry of wheat and grain while others focus on improving and maintaining crop yields. This type of work is used in the agricultural industry.
Inorganic chemists research the behaviour and properties of inorganic compounds. They often use thermodynamic principles to determine the properties of these compounds. This type of chemistry is applicable to almost all other types of chemistry.
Material chemists focus on synthesising and designing new materials. The often study the organisation of molecules in order to do this. This type of work has many applications such as cosmetics, drug delivery and electronic materials.
Many research teams will involve different types of chemists working together. This is because each scientist will have their own knowledge and skill set; some will be specialised in a certain type of chemistry, have expertise in certain machinery, or past experience that is pertinent to the experiment being undertaken.
Therefore, through collaboration, the team as a whole gains a wider base of knowledge.
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...The steps of this experiment have been ordered with this in mind.
Measuring the pH and the turbidity are both quick, non-destructive tests, therefore they are performed first. The TDS and the DO can be measured destructively or non-destructively, however in this experiment they are measured through non-destructive methods.
Once the non-destructive tests are completed, the only destructive test with a time limit is the test for BOD; it is preferable performed within 2 hours of the sample being collected and must be performed within 24 hours of collection. This test also takes the longest amount of time to complete (5 days). Because of this, it is logical to perform the test for BOD next.
The tests for heavy metals and hardness are both destructive, though neither have a time limit that must be adhered to. Therefore, they are the last tests to be completed.

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