The Analysis : The 2015 / 16 Year Essay

The Analysis : The 2015 / 16 Year Essay

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The 2015 /16 year was an extremely busy year for the Art Gallery of Regina.
Over the year the gallery presented a range of engaging exhibitions which included new works from both emerging and established Saskatchewan artists. Into the Forest featured the work of Ward Schell, Debby Wasniak-Bonk and Hazel Zaharik who draw inspiration from connecting to and observing nature. Moose Jaw based artist Diane Lara installation entitled Ensō included large suspended drawings. These works raised awareness of the body and our unique generic makeup. Iris Hauser, who has been exhibited at the ARG for many years presented Dress Codes. Exploring the timely concept of identity, this exhibition included two parts: a series of portraits which examined the visual codes embedded in self-expression; and a series of narrative paintings featuring the same models in situations that reflect fundamental issues of the human condition such as isolation, unmet desires, gender identity, and societal expectations. Organized by the AGR, this exhibition later travelled to the Mann Gallery in Prince Albert. Another major exhibition of the year featured artist Zachari Logan. Logan’s meticulous drawings and detailed ceramic sculptures explore intersections between masculinity, identity, memory, and place. Zachari Logan: A Natural History of Unnatural Things will travel to the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery spring 2016. The year wrapped up with Terrain, Edie Marshall’s tour de force exhibition of 1008 oil paintings created over two years.
All these exhibitions enjoyed high attendance, as did the five artist talks the gallery presented. Artist Talks and Meet the Artist events again provided opportunities for the audience to interact directly with the artists and...

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...d work, and to wish her farewell. Karen’s contribution to visual arts in Regina, and the province has been immense. We wish her the very best for the next phases of her career.
As I look to the year ahead, I am excited to build on the Art Gallery of Regina’s many accomplishments. I want to thank Karen Schoonover for her guidance as I stepped into the Director/Curator position. I also want to acknowledge, and give a huge thank-you to my co-workers Jess Richter and Dianne Strilaeff for their assistance through the transition, and for their continued support, their hard work and proficiency. I also want to thank the Board of Directors and our accountant Gary Erickson for their dedication and efforts over the past year. Lastly, I want to thanks all those who donated to the gallery, volunteered for us, sponsored us, and supported the AGR over the 2015/16 programming year.

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