Essay about The Analysis : The Tricky Truth About Food Miles

Essay about The Analysis : The Tricky Truth About Food Miles

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Sustainability is defined in a multitude of different ways around the world. The definition depends on the individual background of the person and the factors that have shaped them to come to their definition. This interdisciplinary approach makes it hard to come to any sort of conclusion as to how sustainability can be reached by society. However, the three pillars of sustainability have created a simplistic approach to how society can weigh the effects of sustainability on three key areas: the environmental impact, the social impact, and the economic impact. This can be applied to the notion of eating organic and local food, found within the articles “The Locavore Glass Ceiling” by Rebecca Som Castellano, and “”Just Food?” and Reflexive Food Justice” by Nina Holtz. The concept of food miles is also applied to the three pillars of sustainability, which can be found within the article “The tricky truth about food miles” by Lindsay Wilson. All three articles help to portray the fact that often times, not all pillars produce similar outcomes when trying to determine sustainability.
Eating local is often perceived to be the better form of buying food. People associate eating local, organically grown food as being more ethical in comparison to buying from grocery stores. Eating local does have its benefits, however it does not apply equally on all of the pillars of sustainability. Furthermore, in a world of GMOs and chemical fertilizers, it is rare to see small scale farmers growing and using such things. Genetically modified organisms are used to create maximum yield, and what society deems as the “perfect” appearance of the product. However, through the process of genetic modification, lots of nutritious value is lost in compariso...

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...local from an environmental perspective, in comparison to the modern food system. Whereas the social pillar is very much diminished in comparison to the environmental pillar. As talked about previously, eating local is creating somewhat of an inequality among sexes, and has been accused of creating a growing “whiteness” at farmers’ markets. Along with the social pillar, the economic pillar is also not as sustainable and the environmental pillar. Often times it is much cheaper to import food when living in harsh winter climates, such as Canada. As one can see, not all pillars are affected equally, and the attempt to promote sustainability in the environmental pillar does not have similar effect on the other pillars. Eating local does have environmental benefits, however the social and economic pillars are nowhere near as sustainable as the environmental pillar.

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