Analysis : Personal Company Culture Essay

Analysis : Personal Company Culture Essay

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1. Description of the Practice
The article I have found is from and it focuses on the company Zappos. Zappos started out as an online shoe selling company that has expanded on more items (such as accessories ad clothing for both genders) and is also now a subsidiary of the widely known company, Amazon. The article describes of a unique employee-employer relationship where the employers empower the employees to influence the overall culture. This is done through the employees having the monthly chance to issue a bonus award to who they believe is a deserving coworker (Pontefract, 2015). However, the employees are limited to sending only one award but there is not a limit on how many awards one employee may receive. This different practice allows employees to provide recognition amongst their colleagues and allows “for all Zappos employees to scale the culture” (Pontefract, 2015).

2. Analysis of Personal Company Culture
I am currently working for the University of Colorado – Boulder as a Student Manager to a Residence Hall. All employment within the residence halls fall under the organization, within the university, called the Residence Life of CU-Boulder (which has often be abbreviated to ResLife by majority of the employees). Accordingly, this research paper will solely take into consideration of just the culture of just the ResLife Organization. Nonetheless, based on the strong matches of ResLife’s set up in the categories of structure, authority, and performance management, this particular organization is a control culture.

Firstly, ResLife’s culture is a control group due to how the organization’s structure is set up. An organization that adopts a control culture are “usually structured in a hierarchical fashi...

... middle of paper ...

...r employees.

3. Reflection
I conclude Zappos’ employee relations practice would not be a good fit for the organization I am currently associated with. The reason being is that ResLife has such a rigid performance review process that would not be open to the idea that other employees would essentially review their own coworkers. This is due to the performance management system of a control group being very focused on collecting evidence and data for their reviews. As a result, I would suggest that ResLife should look towards bringing in other inputs from other employees. ResLife should take into consideration what the lower and upper levels of employees state about that particular employee they are reviewing. Thus, it will still improve the overall culture by empowering employees and allowing them to see that they are making a difference within the organization.

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