Essay on Analysis on Value Creation and Internationalisation Process of Topshop

Essay on Analysis on Value Creation and Internationalisation Process of Topshop

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In fashion industry, fierce market competition is faced by all the participants in different countries and regions in the globe. How to keep the competitive advantage and achieve the expansion of market share is a major problem that is expected to be solved well by the fashion organisations. In this report, it aims at analyzing the value creation and internationalisation process of Topshop in details. In the following, it is made up by three major aspects. In the first aspect, it indicates the existing context faced by the organisation. In the second aspect, it focuses on learning the performance made by the organisation in value creation and internationalisation process. In the third aspect, it further makes evaluation of the effort and performance made by the organisation.

Existing context of Topshop
In accordance with Porter’s diamond model, there are six elements that should be considered in learning the context of the organisation (Bakan and Dogan 2012, p.446). The factors of production are involved with labour force, capital and organisational resources. The organisation has been found for a long period. With the smooth development and sufficient experience of operation, the factors of products are kept well by the corporation. The market demand of fashion industry is kept stably. Considering that the fashionable products are capable of achieving repeated and constant consumption, the demand is maintained in a stable and high level (Topshop 2014). In current stage, Topshop is still specialised in designing, manufacturing, and selling the fashion products. The relevant industries have not been developed and covered comprehensively. The organisation has implemented differentiation strategy. That is to say, the ch...

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