Analysis on the French Comedy Tartuffe Essay

Analysis on the French Comedy Tartuffe Essay

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“Tartuffe Reaction Paper”
I watched “Tartuffe”, a comedy by the French author Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, widely known by his stage name Moliere. The characters were so well presented to the audience, we had a great understanding of the purpose of each person in the play. The two characters that impressed me the most were Dorine- the maid, and of course, Tartuffe. The energy that the two have is absolutely incredible, and I think every one of us in the audience received the exact message the cast was sending.
Dorine is quite an outspoken being, which never misses an opportunity to say what she thinks and make sure that people around her know how she feels about something. From the very beginning she reveals her somewhat outlandish character. In act one, scene one she tries to convince the mother of Orgon, Madame Pernell, that Tartuffe is a hypocrite and a liar, and is taking advantage of the whole family in the most senseless way. Towards the end of the scene Dorine snaps on Madame Pernell, insisting that she is seeking attention and respect, therefore she is defending Tartuffe, and trying to force the family to agree with her thoughts. Throughout the play, Dorine’s objective is to convince the family that Tartuffe is not a man of his words and as simple as it is he is a con artist who is trying to manipulate a completely oblivious man and his family. I have noticed that one of Dorine’s main tactics in the play is to take charge. When in Act Two, Scene Two, Orgon was trying to convince his daughter to marry Tartuffe, she interrupted the conversation by falling into the room while eavesdropping. She immediately began to make jokes about the future marriage, still implying that Tartuffe is no more than a hypocrite. She overpowers Orgon ...

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...rtuffe’s wicked game is revealed in the last Act Five, Scenes Six and Eight. He is then arrested and put to shame.

My choice of characters for this paper was based upon the impressions and the energy I got from them. I thought the play would not be as captivating and impressive without these particular characters and their behaviors. Dorine gives the play a certain spunk and scandal, while Tartuffe impresses the audience by his ability to senselessly lie without hesitating. The overall impression of “Tartuffe” is certainly positive. To be honest, I did not expect the Production to be at such grand level. Usually, when you think about a college play you imagine a middle-level cast, minimal props and “okay” acting skills. Normandale’s “Tartuffe” completely brought down that image and demonstrated that a college play can be a great success when professionally directed.

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