Analysis on the Book Dissecting the Hack Essay

Analysis on the Book Dissecting the Hack Essay

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Dissecting the Hack is a great book for any technological geared individual. Whether one is a seasoned hacker or an average-Joe from off the street this book will give the individual new information to build on their repertoire. I highly recommend this book for this reason and many others. This book is unlike most other books on cyber crime, it is a fictional story that incorporates real hacks that is very much within the realm of possibility. If a reader becomes stumped after a technical word or hack is used, the book will refer the reader to the second section, which will explain it in more detail. The world is full of criminal activity and with the advancement of technology in today’s world this makes crime a more than ever dangerous reality.
The story in the first part of the book, F0rb1dd3n, is very riveting. The story centers around two college kids who get caught up in a mess of terrorism and corporate sabotage. The story starts out describing the Russian terrorists for hire. A hapless American businessman wonders over to Russia on a “business trip” to meet a “client”. The man’s hotel room ends up being swept by the criminals and his identity along with other sensitive information is stolen. He is now a useless pawn and is then sent back to the airport in a taxi, driven by none other than Andrei the meathead killer of the gang. Andrei ends up pulling over to the side of the road and shooting the man execution style in the head. The Russians then move onto newer territory in the U.S. to work on a project having to do with the newly acquired information. The new location is Houston, Texas. Bob and Leon, the two teenagers, are part of an underground hacker club 2600. These meetings take place in the real world as well; one c...

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...The authors are definitely qualified to write this book. All three authors are highly touted in the technological field and have garnered great reputations with businesses, hackers, and other authors alike. The main author Jayson E. Street is used in criminal and civil cases today as an expert trial witness. The book even has a section towards the back containing interviews with the authors and also leading figures in the hacking world today. Even though the story is fiction, every technological element is very real and quite possible in today’s world if it hasn’t occurred already. I look forward to rereading this book again as the story am gripping and hold my attention the entire way through. The references the book makes are also detailed and give the reader great insight into hacking, today’s cyber criminals, and how to prevent the crimes from happening to you.

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