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Analysis on McNabs Island Essay example

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  McNabs Island is located at the mouth of the Halifax Harbor, and its size is approximately 395 hectares. On McNabs Island, the highest elevation is 45 meters. The elevation of this island rises toward the middle so that the elevation of central land is higher than the edge. Moreover, the proportion of its flat areas is approximately 20%, which mostly occurs at hilltops and coastal beaches. The proportion of gentle and moderate slopes are around 25%, and most of them occur in the middle area of the island; the proportion of the steep slopes is about 30% which are located near and at the coasts. Furthermore, from the slope and elevation map which we did before, we can tell that the shoreline has a lower elevation with steep slopes or flat grounds. Cliffs are the steepest places and most of them are near the coast. They always have higher elevation with the shortest intervals between contour lines. Flat areas of the shoreline are mostly around the beaches, pond and wetlands. Valleys are always in the gentle or moderately sloping areas with different elevations.
  There are three types of structural materials which occur on McNabs Island. First, the bedrock which is Halifax Formation Slate is about 70 percent covering, and the rest is covered by Goldenville Formation Quartzite and Greywacke. Moreover, McNabs is mostly comprised of glacial deposits such as drumlins, and there are a few alluvial, marine littoral, lacustrine and coastal sediment. For the soil type of the land, it mostly covered with Wolfville soil, and this type of soil always has a good drainage with a light to moderate erosion.
  For the hydrology of the island, there are several wetlands, ponds and streams distributed. The major watershed divisions in McNabs are mos...

... middle of paper ... approximately 80 percent no dominant species, and around 10 percent are spruces, 4 percent of Red Maples and Intolerant Hardwoods, and about 2 percent of Balsam Fir.
  Overall, there are some land uses on McNabs Island. Some cultural features occur. An example of cultural features of McNabs Island is the Maugers Beach Lighthouse at the west middle edge. This lighthouse stands on the lower land that can observe the vicinity and can help ships to see at night. Moreover, there are some forts which are set in the past to overlook the harbor entrance. Because McNabs Island now is opening to public, there are some roads and trails set to benefit people to visit the land. Furthermore, there are several buildings on the island, but almost all have been removed due to their poor condition and the cost of maintaining them (Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, 2005).

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