Analysis Of Zero Tolerance And Its Effects On Our Society Essay

Analysis Of Zero Tolerance And Its Effects On Our Society Essay

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Analysis of Zero Tolerance
Safety is a paramount issue in leading any school in America. With the eminence of weapons, drugs, and violence within our communities; it has become necessary for school’s to develop zero tolerance policies. Zero tolerance policies are those that surround weapons, drugs, and physical violence; that carry a swift and severe punishment such as removal from school or expulsion from the school district. Within many school districts, these policies even cover students who may innocently or unknowingly bring weapons to school; this means that these policies leave very little room for discretion for teachers or administrators. On the other hand, these policies are designed to ensure that there is a uniformed level of safety and security within schools, and are enforced in this manner to ensure that all students are safety. Subsequently, it is vital to examine this issue because we must balance security with civil liberties; and ensure that we are keeping student’s safe while at the same time respecting student’s civil liberties.
Order and proper educational environment
“Schools and teachers must be able to set and enforce rules to maintain order (303),” wrote Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his dissenting opinion in Safford V. Redding. He contends that because of the drug use and violence within our society; it is important for school officials to be giving the ability to correct these serious conduct behavior issues quickly and effectively. Moreover, he argues that “close supervision of schoolchildren, as well as enforcement of rule against conduct would be perfectly permissible if undertaken by an adult (303).” In this line of argument, he concurs that within our society it is c...

... middle of paper ..., and found that a majority of these students feel safer in these schools ( Savoye, 2004).

Zero tolerance helps to prevent alcohol and drug abuse
With the prevalence of alcohol and drug within our society, it is important to have an institution that is seeking to change students perceptions when it comes to them partaking in that sought of behavior. According to one researcher, “Zero-tolerance policy is vital to helping children avoid the hazards of underage drinking and drugs.” Additionally, as parents are trying to protect their children from changing times and viewpoints with regards to alcohol and drugs; schools must assist in that process because oftentimes it is the place where students spend a majority of their time during the day. Moreover, this helps to expose students to the adversity of these behaviors and drug and alcohol abuse (“Teen drug,”2009).

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