Analysis Of Xyz Construction Inc. Essay

Analysis Of Xyz Construction Inc. Essay

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XYZ Construction Inc. is headquartered in Denver, Colorado; the company has 16 field offices spread throughout 11 States. There are 2,300 year round employees with a surge of 4,500 employees during the peak construction periods. XYZ Construction Inc. began in the late 1950’s as a privately owned family business. Recently, the family would like to move the company into the public sector within a 12 month period. XYZ Construction, Inc. performs horizontal construction with specialties in: Roads Bridges Airfields (Klinger, 2012).

Currently, XYZ Construction Inc. receives a majority of their contracts from the state government. The purpose of this essay is to analyze and discuss ethical and social issues, along with cultural diversity when expanding into the Asian market. Also, we will determine if this venture into the Asian market will be short-term or a long-term business venture. Good introduction. Cultural Diversity

XYZ Construction Inc. must learn the Asian culture so that nothing will be offensive; such things are the importance of different colors, lettering, and even certain pictures. Culture diversity could be defined as a combination or mixture of different cultures; whether locally or worldwide. Some organizations may not accept other countries values or ethics because it may be a conflict with their own. By looking at the economic growth within the Asian region could help XYZ analyze where they should begin and how far they can grow economically. Opening within a region where you are not familiar with the culture could be a downfall for organization. This is why it’s important to ask the question: What type of framework should we apply to social diversity in order to do business within the Asian market? Good.

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...ction risk in five categories they may face: political, economic, cultural-legal, technical, and possibly other risks (Lee, et al.2011).

Ethically we must uphold our own standards but not to morally affect other countries based on our products, marketing strategies, and policies. Knowing who XYZ’s customers are within the international regions, would provide a great starting point that will help in deciding the new and next location of the company. XZY Construction Inc. can make the company profitable by simply following the guidelines and doing extensive research before committing to an international agreement. Research the location, culture, social and ethical responsibilities visit the site where XZY Construction will be located and lastly find out the current and future needs of the specialties Roads, Bridges, Airfields (Klinger, 2012). Good wrap-up.

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