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Analysis Of ' X ' By Lois Gould Essay

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he Story of X, by Lois Gould is a cheerful, optimistic glimpse of the Joneses, quest to raise their child, X, without the typical gender stereotypes in which we all fall prey to. Written in the 70’s, first as a magazine article then as a children’s book, Gould was ahead of his time. The parents were selected by a group of scientists to take part in the top secret experiment simply known as Project Baby X. The project was fully funded and had a budget totaling twenty three billion dollars and seventy two cents which was all encompassing from food and clothing, medical and education expenses and even included incidentals like tooth fairy money. The scientists had an official instruction manual prepared to guide them along the way. Wouldn’t it be nice if all parents were given such a handbook upon their newborns arrival?
This unprecedented challenge required keeping the nature of Baby X’s sex top secret. Only the parents were to know and they vowed not to disclose this to anyone which also then prohibited them from hiring any babysitters. This alone is unfathomable, I don’t know if I could’ve survived parenthood without an occasional break! When asked if the baby was a boy or a girl, they answered it is an X. This confused family and friends and some even ostracized themselves from the Jones’s because of their own inadequacy to process the situation.
We are told of how X was equally parented by both his Father and Mother sharing nontraditional duties and breaking barriers of toy selection and even clothing choice. School brought new challenges for the Jones family. They approached the powers that be and came to an agreement that the class would line up alphabetically rather than be sorted by boys and girls. X was also given special...

... middle of paper ... stigmatization.

I think that as X grows up it will exhibit more gender role specific behavior but will at the same time be more aware of and avoid the traditional traps of its sex. As suggested in her article on gender neutral awakening, “The point of gender-free parenting is not to change the sexes of our children (teaching our boys to wipe after they pee or that women should never cry), and we are not in any way saying that raising a child has everything to do with their environment and nothing to do with their genetics and hormones” (Pelkey, 2013). In fact, in gender neutral parenting the goal is to not bind the child into preferences of any other than their own choosing. Sexism can have very negative and demeaning effects. Gender neutrality seems to be one way to balance the scales, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be the best X they can possibly be.

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