Analysis Of ' Worland High School ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Worland High School ' Essay

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Worland High School
Worland High School has a different way to approach running their school. It’s so awesome and I don’t know why other schools don’t take notice and model after our school. At Worland High School our moto is, “The students always come first.” It’s such the greatest place on earth that each student ranging from senior to freshman wake up every morning thrilled to walk through those front doors of Worland High School. With all the greatness happening and taking place at our school it makes it challenging to choose with stands out above all. Worland High School is so amazing for their outstanding teachers, amazingly short lunch breaks, and controlling everything the students do.
To start, the teachers at Worland High School are remarkable. I love going to class to learn from such wise people and then the teacher tell me over and over again, “Just drive your own boat.” I love the fact that even though I haven’t yet been taught how to “drive this boat” she still expects me to be able to do the problems on my own. Not to mention the amazing pop quizzes that we receive on random days that then everyone fails. That really helps my grade and I can’t show my appreciation enough for that. Not turning in my homework doesn’t really help my grade both as I am totally aware of and have been reminded numerous times. Although it makes me so happy when we receive twenty five math problems a night that each takes ten minutes to complete, to still end up getting the wrong answer because you obviously “drove the boat in the wrong direction.” Then when you turn in your homework for once and the teacher thinks you didn’t show enough work and gives you an eighty percent instead of the hundred, that makes my whole day ten times b...

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.... Then to lunch breaks, it’s awesome how in reality we only get about ten minutes to scarf down our food. That gives us plenty of time to relax and enjoy ourselves in that whole ten minutes we’re blessed with. It’s also so amazing how they give you participation points every day, and you’re considered lucky if by the end of the period you still have those points, because we all know you probably did something so absurd to lose those five points. Lastly, the students at Worland High have so much freedom and get treated with so much respect. I love having so many restrictions and rules that it makes public schooling feel like a prison. Worland High School is amazing and totally deserves an award for how outstanding it truly is. It’s so awesome every student wakes up in the morning more than thrilled to walk through those doors of the greatest place on earth.

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