Essay about Analysis Of ' Winter Is Coming '

Essay about Analysis Of ' Winter Is Coming '

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The Starks house motto is “Winter is coming.” This motto shows how the Starks are mindful about the overall big picture and preparation for what is to come. Winters in Game of Thrones are long, grueling, and dangerous. Starks are very aware that there is nothing they can do to stop winter from coming and everyone needs to be prepared for it. Magnet is inevitably coming to the hospital and as transformational leaders, the Starks would do everything in their power to inspire the vision of Magnet to the rest of the staff. When announcing the new pilot program to his staff, Jack would inspire a shared vision by emphasizing the philosophical value of a Magnet mentality and the principle that nursing practice is best determined by nurses. Jack would also appeal to more tangible benefits of shared governance such as increasing efficiency and decreasing workload. Jack would use the prospect of more free time to motivate reluctant nurses, such as Phyllis, who are towards the end of their career and less interested in changing the status-quo.
Ned Stark valued and cultivated mentorship in the House of Stark. He mentored his oldest children who, in turn, mentored the younger siblings so that all members of the Stark clan would be prepared to lead the people when it is their time. The Stark’s emphasis on mentorship empowered members of the group and created a lateral organizational structure of capable leaders. As a result House Stark became a resilient organization that was able to persist even when individual leaders perished.
Jack will pilot a new RN residency program to help the hospital work towards Magnet Status. Experienced nurses will orient new nurses and help them assimilate to their new environments. Transformational leader...

... middle of paper ... management. Jack will be making a lot of changes. Under his leadership, the nurse educator will have a bigger role. An EMR Superuser will be assigned to each unit enabling the nurses and staff to easily access technology support. The experienced nurses will have a new role as mentors. All staff will have new responsibilities of EMR competence, increased safety standards, and accountability for managing conflict with assertive communication. Jack will facilitate the development of councils such as an evidence-based practice council that evaluates research on clinical practices and is enabled to act by changing nurse practice guidelines that promote positive patient outcomes. Jack’s transformational leadership style will promote safe, high-quality patient care, positive outcomes, increased patient and employee satisfaction, and organizational resiliency.

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