Analysis Of Willie Lynch 's ' The Mis Education Of The Negro Essay

Analysis Of Willie Lynch 's ' The Mis Education Of The Negro Essay

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Willie Lynch is a British slave owner in the West Indies that was invited to the colony of Virginia to deliver his speech on his methods to control his slaves. Although the existence of Willie Lynch is in question, his letter had significant impact. On the opposite side lies Carter G. Woodson. Woodson is an incredible author that has graduated and received his Ph. D. from Harvard University and wrote about the mis¬-education of the Negroes. Lynch and Woodson lies on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of their perspective, but some of Lynch’s ideas support Woodson’s claims. Some of the problems that was written in Woodson’s The Mis-education of the Negro was problems with education, religion and business. All these problems stem back to the European system that places White European as the dominant race. Woodson’s ideas are still somewhat prevalent while Lynch’s idea is slowly diminishing to nothing in our current society.
A similarity between Lynch and Woodson’s idea is that they talk about the idea of a system that is keeping African Americans from advancing forward. Lynch talks about breaking a slave to control them to be more efficient and more obedient. In Lynch’s inhumane system, he would take the meanest and most restless looking negro and strip him in front of the female and the child. Then he would tar and feather him and break him down psychologically. After that, this is where the whipping comes in. After breaking down the meanest looking one, the next target is the females. In Lynch’s letter, he explained the importance of the female slaves and that they are the most important asset that can reproduce and help the slave owner break the child when the child comes to age. With the broken female slave, she would ed...

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...s no place for Blacks because they were not educated on economic science which stems from the mis-education. However, these afflictions are not as prevalent in our current society. African Americans are able to attain equal education today. However, African American courses are only offered through colleges because the educational system is still Eurocentric. For religion and business, there has been a lot of improvement too. The church is no longer the only institution that the Black community owns and the first Black female millionaire is Sarah Breedlove Walker. Things has improved a lot since Willie Lynch and Woodson G. Carter’s time, but there are still some afflictions that exist today like racism in the South leading to police killings. There still exist many problems in the Black community, but the real question is how can individuals contribute to this cause?

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