Analysis Of William Woolf 's ' Professions For Women ' Essay

Analysis Of William Woolf 's ' Professions For Women ' Essay

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Born in 1882 Virginia Woolf is a noted novelist and essayist, prominent for her nonlinear prose style and feminist writings. Her essay “Professions for Women” designed as a speech to be given at the Women’s Service League in 1931, informs her audience of the powerful internal dispute she and other women face in an attempt to live their everyday lives as women living in a masculine controlled society, especially within the careers they desire. Woolf adopted an urgent and motherly tone in order to reach her female audience in 1931 during her speech and in response her audience gathered. As a result of her distinct and emotional writing in Professions for Women, Woolf created an effective piece, still relevant today.

The first two sections of her essay are easily introductory and give a mere reflection of herself and career as a writer, yet, her essay is already certainly unique and nonetheless interesting in the ways in which she manipulates the English language. In the first section language parallels are already being explored like, “It is true I am a women; it is true I am employed;…” (376). Woolf flatters the use of language parallels as they continue to spew in the rest of her essay and thankfully they work stressing the importance of the message Woolf is meaning to vindicate as they give her written and spoken voice a smooth flow of rhythm and balance as well as persuade the audience through repetition.

In the second section of her essay Woolf begins to inarguate her image, or make use of the rhetorical technique of ethos. Woolf speaks in a pleased tone when she says, “But to tell you my story- it is a simple one. You have only got to figure to yourselves a girl in her bedroom with a pen in her hand. She had only to move ...

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...ome an undeniable unavoidable aspect that comes with being a woman, and these beliefs were especially prevalent when Woolf was giving this speech. Her use of pathos fuels sympathy and sorrow, it is also an immensely personal technique writers can use to connect with an audience.

As a result of her distinct and emotional writing in Professions for Women, Woolf created an effective piece, still relevant today. Woolf has the capability to provoke those women fighting to continue to fight and those at an advantage or in denial to think of the circumstances they live in. Her use of the english language as well as her use of figurative language give her essay an aesthetic value, whereas her use of rhetorical appeals help persuade her audience furthermore. And certainly the infamous Angel in the House described here allows readers to meet their Angel and kill her too.

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