Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' The Tempest ' Essay

Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' The Tempest ' Essay

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William Shakespeare’s last famous play “The Tempest” illustrates the theme of betrayal throughout the play. From the opening scene, the play begins with a storm that Prospero has created in order to provoke a shipwreck that contains all the people who have betrayed him. The ship contains his brother Antonio, who stole his Dukedom of Milan and the king of Naples Alonzo, who aided him in unseating him. Prospero was banished from Milan and landed in an island in which he was forced to live there for 12 years with his daughter Miranda. Not only do we get to see Prospero’s determination on seeking revenge for the injustice done to him but along the way we also get to witness how other characters plot against each other and plan on taking power from one another.
Prospero’s determination for vengeance is what sets the whole play and his commitment to organizing every detail of his plan perfectly makes me feel like he has planned this for a long time. He has had 12 years to replay the event over and over in his head and in my opinion I don’t disagree with him for holding a grudge. His own brother betrayed his trust and the king who is supposed to be honest and noble went behind his back and kicked him off his position. We can see that this affected him deeply because of the way he tells Miranda “My brother and thy uncle, call 'd Antonio / I pray thee, mark me—that a brother should / Be so perfidious!—he whom next thyself / Of all the world I loved and to him put / The manage of my state; as at that time” (The Tempest 1. 2. 165-169). Prospero was disappointed in the fact that his own brother, who he loved and trusted the most could betray him like that and the way that he keeps repeating “Thy false uncle— Dost thou attend me?” to Miranda ...

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...tal and coarse which leads me to believe that he is not quite right in his head.
Betrayal is something that can affect a person very deeply and can cause sorrow and disappointment in one another. In the play “The Tempest” we witness many betrayals, and even though some of the acts of betrayal were not executed all the way, just the thought of what would have happened if it was performed would have been horrendous to witness. Some people could say that they have experienced similar situations of betrayal but for the most part I think that forgiveness is always an option that should be considered. Toward the end of the play, Prospero became the bigger person and was able to forgive Antonio and Alonzo for their betrayal. This led me to believe that no matter the circumstances, there is always room for forgiveness and second chances, if one is willing to move forward.

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