Analysis Of `` What Meets The Eye `` Essay

Analysis Of `` What Meets The Eye `` Essay

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The concept of beauty is a subject society speaks on through many channels. Social media plays a tremendous role in how society measures beauty and how to achieve these impossible standards. People from all walks of life have become obsessed with the idea of beauty and achieving the highest level it. In many cases, those who do not meet societal views of what is “beautiful” can become very resentful to these predisposed notions of beauty. David Akst in his writing “What Meets the Eye”, is bitter toward women and their ongoing obsession with beauty.

We can see the bitterness dripping off Akst’s words throughout his entire writing. He states, “Everyone knows looks shouldn’t matter. Beauty after all, is only skin deep, and no right-thinking person would admit to taking much account of how someone looks outside the realm of courtship, that romantic free-trade zone traditionally exempted from the usual tariffs of rationality” (330). Through saying this, Akst demeans those who take superficial looks into consideration for romantic relationships which displays his bitterness towards societal views on beauty. Akst mentions that “everyone knows looks shouldn’t matter” which comes off as not only bitter but arrogant as well. Many people in society believe that looks should matter and through his word choice, he is very dismissive to those who hold those notions displaying his bitter emotions.

Akst is so bitter towards women’s continuous “obsession” with beauty, that he tries to manipulate his readers. By doing this, Akst is preying on the seeds of doubt that may be already planted into the reader’s mind. For example, Akst implements the baby argument into his writing to sway reader’s opinions. He states, “Mother’s pay more attention to g...

... middle of paper ...

...he made women look very vain and blamed them entirely for it. When Akst speaks about how men contribute to societies obsession with beauty he is in not so many words saying it’s not their fault and they cannot control themselves. By providing them with this excuse, women are forced to take the blame for the vain society we all live in. Akst must be totally bitter towards women in general if he can portray women to be solely the cause of something as such.

Although at first glance David Akst’s argument appears to be credible, the way he manipulates readers shows otherwise. Akst repeatedly gives “facts” with no solid evidence which does not allow readers to form a true opinion of their own. Despite the fact Akst attempts to use logic to support his various claims, his words dripped with so much emotion, his underlying bitterness towards women was easily detectable.

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