Essay on Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' The Two Disney '

Essay on Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' The Two Disney '

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The Two Walt Disney’s
Did you know that there is more than one Walt Disney? That not just America has one but Japan as well? Well there is and his name is Hayao Miyazaki. He is the greatest anime artist in Japan just like Walt Disney is in America, which in their skills is very different in comparison. Walt Disney based his films on familiar fairytales that people have already created, but just switched into the way he wanted them to be while Hayao Miyazaki based his films on his own imagination and his own ideas about what he thinks kids should be watching. He wanted kids to go beyond their imagination and explore what’s around them. Sure, Disney did the same but the difference is Hayao wanted them to forget about reality completely and instead think that the world is something more then what it seems to be. I believe that Hayao Miyazaki is better than the original Walt Disney because of his unique style in films for his watchers. Some reasons are that his drawings show power more than the story itself just by looking at the illustration. People who have watched his movies know that they are excellent and a sight to see. His drawings are handmade unlike Disney’s which makes his drawings way different, but much more difficult because of the extra work he has to create. Between his top movies “Spirited Away and “My Neighbor Totoro” this artist is known for many awards just like Walt Disney is with his Movies, “Toy Story” to “Bugs Life”.
Hayao Miyazaki’s films have way more imagination and unique characters than Walt Disney that inspire other people. Although he didn’t make as many films as Disney he still made people all over the world notice his true potential by his use of color and creativity, like his popular movie, “Spirited ...

... middle of paper ...

... who seems mysterious and scary while looking for people to give free gold coins to eat the person and gain their abilities. So people would probably think he’s bad but he’s just a guy who’s lonely and confused as to what was going on in the world and the only one he could rely on is Chihiro, the main girl in the movie who helps him along the way as so does no face.
In other words, no matter who’s the best Walt Disney my opinion is that Hayao is the better Walt Disney, but it doesn’t really matter because they are both very famous Animators.

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