Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' Breaking The Disney Spell ' Essay

Analysis Of Walt Disney 's ' Breaking The Disney Spell ' Essay

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For centuries, the tales that capture the youth of society or the adult 's mind are continually under speculation. To whom do the fairy tales of our literature belong, and have they been disassembled from their true meanings? Jack Zipes ' Breaking the Disney Spell and Donald Hasse 's Yours, Mine, or Ours? essays focus on the answers to this pressing question.
Upon asking a random individual in what they thought of when they heard the word fairy tale, the response I received involved "princesses, pixie dust, castle 's and princes," all elements that Walt Disney specifically highlighted in his renditions of fairy tales. Although these elements exist in the Charles Perrault or Brothers Grimm tales, they were not dramatized as largely as in Walt Disney 's tales. Jack Zipes ' Breaking the Disney Spell confronts how the Walt Disney incorporation demolished the fairy tales and single-handedly stripped them of their moral lessons. After reading the essay, I do have to strong agree with Zipes about how Disney changed the tales. The tales we have read from The Classic Fairy Tales by Maria Tatar exhibit greater moral values than the Disney tales. What did Disney have to gain from changing the tales? By the time Disney began recreating the tales, they were already expurgated versions of the fairy tales for adults, or they were new moralistic tales that were aimed at the domestication of the imagination….were carefully that improper thoughts and ideas would not be stimulated in the minds of the young." (p. 337)
What does Disney have to gain from this type of massacre of ancient tales? Is he searching for power or immortality? According to Donald Crafton, the answer is yes. "Part of the animation game consisted of developing m...

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... So in the end we are still faced with the question of to whom do the stories belong? I have to agree with Hasse 's opinion that the stories belong to us individually, the "mine" view. I do not view the stories as solely existing for my humanity but for a resource that is available to me. "We can each claim fairy tales for ourselves…we claim fairy tales in every individual act of telling or reading. If we avoid reading fairy tales as a models of behavior and normalcy, they can become for us revolutionary documents that encourage the development of personal autonomy" (p. 361). These tales exist as a way to escape our everyday lives, and to purely entertain our creative minds. If the tales were to belong to a nationalistic culture, all individualism the stories provide would be lost; with this loss of individualism, we would lose sight of who we truly are meant to be.

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