Analysis Of Walmart Stores Inc. Essay

Analysis Of Walmart Stores Inc. Essay

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Thank you for critiquing the case study presented in respect of Walmart Stores Inc. That being said, in what follows the author endeavours to respond to questions posed in the critique analysis. In terms of the question, “How Wal-Mart did address the change in customers taste? Was Wal-Mart able to satisfy the new culture’s needs and expectations?” The company commenced outside of North America with the same business philosophy fashioned at its headquarters (in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States). However, owing to failures in Germany and South Korea, Walmart redesigned its approach in terms of meeting the demand of consumers in countries outside of North America. Berg (2011) indicated that Walmart has transformed into more versatile entity in foreign markets, after realising the disappointing results in early ventures outside of North America – that local merchandises, formats and brands are all crucial components to success in foreign markets. Presently, three quarters of Walmart’s stores outside the North America trade under a different banner than Walmart. The company’s international approach has been progressively transcending into a two-way conversation as Walmart seeks to leverage best practices across the world. In the UK, the ASDA (which is owned by Walmart) has been concentrating on enhancing growth with larger hypermarkets and superstores; although, there are plans to introduce smaller format stores (which is consistent with Walmart’s global format philosophy) to widen its customer base. ASDA carries a range of products familiar to shoppers in the United Kingdom, however they also sell products from the United States. In India, Walmart has partnered with domestic retailing firm, Bharti - in order to resonate with the l...

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... does not specifically spend money on technology in order to together price-sensitive data. However, the company via its Walmart Labs collects general information as it relates to consumers with various forms of technology. For example, based on Datafloq (2016) the Shoppycat mechanism that was created by Walmart Lab has the propensity to recommend suitable products to Facebook users based on the hobbies and interests of their friends. The application utilises the Social Genome technology among others to assist consumers with the purchasing of various items. In addition, Shoppycat directs the Facebook users to a different Walmart store in the event that the product of interests is sold out at a nearby location of Walmart (Datafloq, 2016). Applications such as the aforementioned, help Walmart together general information about persons that engage the company’s stores.

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