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Analysis Of Vincent N. Parrillo Essay

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Vincent N. Parrillo is a professor who teaches Sociology at William Paterson University in New Jersey. In his short essay “Causes of Prejudice,” he states that there are many kinds of levels in prejudice that are based on six different theories. Within those six different theories, it includes authoritarian personality, self-justification, frustration, socialization, and social norms. According to Race/Class: A State of Being United, numerous writers such as Daniel Winer and Rosabelle Price Walkley has agreed with Vincent N. Parrillo “Causes of Prejudice” and describes the word prejudice as an “attitudinal system of negative beliefs, feelings and action orientation regarding a certain group or groups of people.” There are certainly more than one reasons as to why it exists and Parillo argues that prejudice is not based on only one single cause because it acquires many varieties of sources for its existence. Prejudice is an extremely harmful and toxic aspect that has unfortunately affected many people based on one’s poor judgment.
Often times, many people are the targets of prejudice based upon on many distinctive types of characteristics such as the color of their skin, what their ethnic background is or basically anything that identifies them as their own person. In order to describe and explain the real reasons behind the racism and discrimination that has been happening within the United States. Parillo divides his essay into two parts and in the first part, he starts by citing information to his readers about the psychological causes such as levels of prejudice, self-justification, personality and frustration. In the second part of his essay, he then gives the contrasting sociological reasons which are: socialization, economi...

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...t to know someone and why they do the things they do than just judging them right off the bat.
In my personal opinion, I love the way the author is being so informative and breaking down the structure of his essay so that his readers do not get lost while reading his piece. His structure is very well maintained obviously for the fact that he broke his essay up into two parts and then from there on he states the causes and gives his reasoning. When he uses examples he clearly states out a reliable source that if I read it and had trouble comprehending whether or not what he said came from a reliable source, the answer or the evidence was right there. Racism is still alive and I think that Parrillo really wanted to inform his readers that it’s not only how a person was raised but also where they were raised that makes a huge difference on their perception of the world.

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