Essay on Analysis Of Van Gogh 's ' The Starry Night '

Essay on Analysis Of Van Gogh 's ' The Starry Night '

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Following his infamous breakdown in which he mutilated part of his own ear, Vincent was eventually hospitalized at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole. The location was an asylum and clinic for the mentally ill near the village of Saint-Rémy in southern France, and ultimately the birthplace of the piece. During his rehabilitation there, Van Gogh was prompted to paint, though he rarely ventured very far from the asylum’s walls.  In his private room he had a sweeping view of the Alpilles mountain range.
During his stay Van Gogh was also given a small studio for painting. The room did not have the view the mountains but rather a view of the asylum’s garden. It was there for assumed that Van Gogh composed The Starry Night using elements of his previously completed works that he had stored in his studio.  It has even been argued by many historians that the church’s spire in the village of the painting seems as it were more Dutch in character rather than the French setting its based in. This could be due to the fact that the spire evokes van Gogh 's native land, the Netherlands. 
Van Gogh also used and planned the painting to be an exercise in deliberate stylization, telling his brother, “These are exaggerations from the point of view of arrangement, their lines are contorted like those of ancient woodcuts”. Similar to his friends Émile Bernard and Paul Gauguin, Van Gogh was experimenting with a style inspired in part by medieval woodcuts, with their thick outlines and simplified forms. 
Technical Analysis
Van Gogh 's The Starry Night was one of the earliest examples of expressionism in artwork. This oil-on-canvas piece was created on a 72cm x 92cm canvas and conveys a variety of moods, objects, and atmosphere. With the use of color, texture, and ...

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...of expression. Furthermore, Gogh disregarded the old technique of painting accurate images and kept his focus on the contours in his stylized composition. Doing so made his piece unique in comparison to the adopted impressionist technique many artists used in the 19th century.

Overall, I found Van Gogh 's The Starry Night to have been an excellent addition to his collection of works. To this day, the visually pleasing and descriptive nature of the image properly conveys an emotion that allows the viewer to interpret the piece in many different ways. Van Gogh never lived to see the recognition of the piece, for he passed before it became a staple of classic paintings. Considering the period of intense suffering in which Vincent Van Gogh created this work, The Starry Night is a work of amazing beauty that portrays movement, fluidity and the light of hope.

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