Analysis Of Van Gogh 's Starry Night Painting Essay

Analysis Of Van Gogh 's Starry Night Painting Essay

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Art has many definitions that can be interpreted in several ways. Many paintings throughout history have changed the outlook of how we see art. For many individual artists, art is the ultimate expression of personal emotions. A variety of artists in the world can agree that conveying a hidden emotion or idea is better communicated artistically than being presented out loud. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” should also be represented when describing the way a person feels when looking at an art piece. Not only is the work important, but the time and techniques each artist 's use is important as well. In Van Gogh 's Starry Night painting, he implements a variety of professional techniques. Both warm and cool colors, vertical lines, balance of light, and other artistic elements are displayed creating a dream like illusion.
To start things off, the Starry Night is an inspiring, work of art. It incorporates incredible color and lighting to provide it with life and emotion. At a first glance, the first thing noticeable is the crescent moon in the top left corner illuminating a bright yellow, with a mixture of white to give it a realistic lighting effect over the painting. The night sky takes up the majority of the painting and background. The sky has bluish green colors with grey added in to have a relaxed and mellow tone to the painting. In the sky are several smaller light sources that represent stars that also have a mixture of yellow and white to make a glow effect. Van gogh used a restricted color palette in this painting to maintain the same color theme. The village in the bottom right corner, shares a similar bluish grey color but with a darker tint to help create a three dimensional illusion to make the village...

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...nsion in a painting. Van gogh painted this with a combination of imagination and his memory looking out of a window one night towards the end of mental illness treatment. He communicates extraordinarily well in spilling out his whole emotions from his previous depressive life to his positive hopes that he has a better future for himself. Starry Night sophisticated meaning is so deeply embedded that viewers of this painting can almost feel the way Van Gogh felt in creating this masterpiece. His execution of lines, color, and lighting are first-class in technique and showed his exceptional use of implementing these elements in Starry Night to create radiance of emotions. Starry Night is a great artistic example for other artists to base their artwork off of. It is also a perfect learning piece for beginners to start off with due to the simplicity this art piece holds.

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