Analysis Of Uri Friedman 's Conversation With Robert And Sarah Levine Essay

Analysis Of Uri Friedman 's Conversation With Robert And Sarah Levine Essay

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A parent is worth more than what is stated in “How Much Do Parents Matter?” To a child, a parent is their entire world. A parent is there to support, raise and build up a child. They are there for protection and guidance. When you think of the word ‘Parent’ what comes to mind?
In Uri Friedman’s conversation with Robert and Sarah LeVine, the authors of “How Much Do Parents Matter?”, they discussed what the purpose of a parent is. Through their entire conversation the LeVines claimed that parents are just ‘sponsors’ for their children and that they don’t matter as much as we think. Robert and Sarah want to promote parents to be more of a sponsor to their children, rather than a role model. They said that parents mattered but in a different way. A child would be hopeless without their parent. Just think of it, if the parent was a sponsor of their child, the child wouldn’t be raised correctly. There wouldn 't be that satisfying feeling of always having someone that will take care of you. Children look up to their parents, whether it be a good or bad example. If the parent was only a sponsor of their child, it would as if the child was above the parent. The child would be making the decisions and the parents would be following and only supporting. Rather, if the parent was a role model, the child would look up to them like they are supposed to. The parent, as a role model would be leading and guiding the child.
Different cultures bring different parenting styles. In America, a typical family contains two parents and they both raise their few (2 or 3) children. But if different cultures are looked at, a child is raised so very differently. In Mexico, both parents are working during the day, trying to provide for their big families. A...

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... much as many parents think they do”, states Robert and Sarah LeVine. That is very wrong. A parent means everything to a child, they could hate each other, but a child always looks up to their parent, wanting to be approved of. Without parents, there would be hooligans running around the streets. Even if a child doesn’t have a parent, they long for one, and they usually find a person older them to look up to. If the child doesn’t have a parent, they look for a parent figure, whether it be a teacher, grandparent, older sibling, or even and older folk in their neighborhood. There is no one way to raise a child; a parent has to find the best way for their own children, and it is different for everyone. Parents do matter, yes it is in their own special way, but they aren’t just a ‘sponsor’ of their children, they are a role model to the children of the next generation.

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