Analysis Of ' Upon Googling ' Witch ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Upon Googling ' Witch ' Essay

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Upon Googling “witch” almost all the images are of women riding on broomsticks. This is today’s pop culture view of witches, however it has it’s roots in Early Modern stereotypes of witchcraft. It was probably easy to find the old, ugly hag down the street and accuse her of being a witch, but there is more to the story. In the case of Françette Camont, the stereotype of witches helped to put suspicion on her, however she wasn’t convicted because of the stereotypes that applied to her, but rather it was personal feelings toward her and a needed catalyst for the trial to start that led to her execution and the execution of many other witches.
In many ways Françette Camont fit the description of a witch perfectly. And because she
fit the stereotype so well, it led to her being suspicious in the minds of many people. A stereotype that she fit was that she was a woman. Women were more likely to be witches in some parts of Europe, France being one of them, because women were a threat to the community if they were “unregulated,” or not under the guidance of a man. Although Camont had a husband the trial record describes her as outspoken, and her husband being much older than her, perhaps giving her more say in her actions. By the time the trial was starting Camont was older and therefore she fit another stereotype. According to popular belief, older women were jealous of younger women for their ability to have children, a reason one might decide to become a witch. Even if Camont personally wasn’t jealous of any women she would have been lumped into the stereotype anyway due to her status as an older woman. Another stereotype that Camont fit was that she was on the brink of poverty. Camont herself admits to not being well off and having ...

... middle of paper ... and his accomplices suggestions may have again influenced Camont to the point that she saw no reason to fight it anymore. This is a flaw in the judicial system of the time and also the record because it never mentions what the suggestions was.
Even though Camont fit the stereotype it was not the reason she was executed or even put on trial for witchcraft. Many things could be said of Camont, that she wasn’t the friendliest neighbor, that she often fought with people, that she was suspected of witchcraft, but none of these things started her trial. They all helped to forward her trial, but the real reason is that Remy wanted to catch and kill some witches. The stereotype of witches within trial records can be broken down or built up but the trial would have never occurred without the power of the court and individuals who took it upon themselves to find witches.

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