Analysis Of ' Twelve Angry Men ' By William Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

Analysis Of ' Twelve Angry Men ' By William Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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As once Martin Luther King Jr. said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Humans are imperfect and contain fatal flaws such as lacking fairness in vast situations. In today’s modern time, many obstacles lack righteousness such as the court system. In Twelve Angry Men, Reginald Rose conveys the theme injustice through his characterization of contrasting juror 3 and juror 8 using character foil and the extensive archetypal use of light vs darkness.
Throughout the play, Rose uses the technique character foil while contrasting juror 3 and juror 8 to demonstrate the message of the play to the audience. Juror 3 has a stubborn, prideful personality that causes complications when the other jurors attempt to influence him. Juror’s 3 temperament hastily decides that the defendant is guilty without evidently understanding and analyzing the evidence. “I mean, let’s be reasonable. You sat in court and heard the same things we did. The man’s a dangerous character. You could see it” (Rose 11). In this line, juror 3 was very poised and made a rapid supposition that the man was guilty without taking the time to investigate the evidence. The 11 jurors, apart from juror 8, all had solid sentiments and opinions about the defendant being guilt-ridden without taking the time to comprehend that a life is in their hands. On the other hand, juror 8 had an open-minded and understanding personality that caused him to be unbiased and process and examine the evidence cautiously. Juror 8 believes that the suspect has the opportunity of impartiality after the defendant’s childhood and background information, the apportioned attorney, and the juror’s hurried instinct to elect on a judgement. “All right. I had a peculiar feeling about this tri...

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...the respondent could possibly be not guilty, the archetype light begins to be present. Juror 8 did not only demonstrate hope but as well as intellectual illumination. “No. I’m saying that it’s possible that the boy lost the knife and that someone else stabbed his father with a similar knife. It’s possible” (Rose 12). Juror 8 is hopeful and optimistic even when he is going against 11 other jurors. Rose is ahead of his time when writing about juror 8. Juror 8 goes against society and injustice.
It is human nature to be imperfect and containing a feeble of reasonableness. Every imperfection comes with a lesson. Everyone wants justice, but tension and pride makes justice seem indistinguishable. Rose does an astonishing job with demonstrating the theme by constructing tautness and distinction between juror 8 and juror 3, and an archetypal use of lightness vs. darkness.

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