Essay on Analysis Of Triune Nature Of God

Essay on Analysis Of Triune Nature Of God

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Constructive Credo Paper
Triune Nature of God:
What does it mean to conceive of God as triune (three-in-one)?
Lynn Wilson 
The societal ideal of personal freedom, authority, and agenda create barriers within our community and our relationship with God. Focusing on “self” distracts us from receiving the fullness of God’s eternal love. Weekly, if not daily, I encounter people that struggle with the difficulties, and the challenges of life.
My son, Zach was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism upsets the normal balance of chemical reactions in your body, therefore affecting the way you handle life. This condition caused Zach, a 24 year old, with an “I am indestructible mindset” to feel vulnerable. He encountered struggles in many areas of his life due to this condition. Emotional, physical and spiritual aspects have all been challenged. The first two were handled through professional people with very specific medical options. These options helped him progress and overcome some of those emotional and physical difficulties. The third, spiritual struggle continues to push him away from desiring a relationship with God.
Twenty-four years into his life Zach clings to an authoritarian, controlling God. I realize even though the Church is centuries beyond an initial understanding of the three-in-one, many people still cleave to this concept of an antiquated God.
In recent years, we in the church have lacked the ability to communicate an understanding of the fullness of the triune God. Our Sunday school lessons provided limited exposure to the richness of a communal relationship with a triune God.
The limited information I shared with Zach provided him with an inadequate theology of who ...

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... activity of God, cannot be grasped by the information we gather and the knowledge we possess. Access to God is attained through the practice of our faith. Faith in Jesus Christ, a gracious gift from God, faith in the gift of the Holy Spirit, who leads us to that intersection of deeper understanding of God. I seek to embrace the “creative, sacrificial, and empowering” triune God so I am able to seek and serve more fully the potential of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in my life.


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