Essay on Analysis Of Tom 's ' The Sheriff '

Essay on Analysis Of Tom 's ' The Sheriff '

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At this point, the sheriff understands that Tom is not a coward and that Tom intends to shoot him. The sheriff pleads; “you would not kill the man to whom you owe your own life. Tom’s response is telling: You speak more truly than you know. I indeed owe my life to you”. And this takes the reader to a turning point in the story. Tom reveals angrily,” I am Cicely’s son Cicely whom you sold, with her child, to the speculator on his way to Alabama”. Sheriff Campbell finally grasps the enormity of his situation. Campbell exclaims, Good God you would not murder your own father. Tom replies wrathfully, what father duty has you performed for me. At this point, Tom catechizes the father’s duty such as protection and giving a name but Sheriff Campbell does not do those for Tom so Tom does not have any good reasons to not threaten Sheriff Campbell. Tom is full of anger toward his father, and he does not respect his father. Because Tom threatens his father through Sheriff Campbell’s gun, Sheriff Campbell is in frail position, in the turning point; the prisoner grabs the sheriff’s revolver. In Next occur both a surprising metamorphosis and a revelation. Tom needs Sheriff Campbell to protect him from lynch mob, and helps him to escape. In order to be safe, Tom does not believe in the sheriff because the sheriff does not protect his mother and him while he is a child and he needs father’s protection. At this point, Tom’s deep thinking let him raises his arm to shoot the sheriff or his own father. (Ramsey)
Sheriff’s Children Confusion
The Sheriff’s Children confuse who is guilty and who is innocent. Although, Chesnutt does not include Tom’s mother in the story, she is one of the innocent people that Chesnutt wants the reader to remember. We don ...

... middle of paper ...

...l choice toward himself. Tom removes his band from his arm to give his dad a chance to feel blame. Tom feels abused on the grounds that his dad does not help him when his stepsister shoots him. As per Ramsey, Tom expels the wrap from his injury and intentionally seeps to death, the casualty of his sadness, his dad 's young unethical behavior and disregard, and his stepsister 's fratricidal shot. (Ramsey)
At last, various choice have taken by various characters; Tom chooses to shoot his dad to escape from a wrongdoing which he doesn 't do, Polly shoots his stepbrother so as to spare her dad 's existence without known he is relative, Sheriff Campbell leaves his child in the correctional facility while he is seeping without feeling any transgression toward him, Tom expels the gauze from his arm to seep to death so as to let his dad feels remorseful for his entire life.

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