Essay on Analysis Of Tolkien 's ' The Beholder '

Essay on Analysis Of Tolkien 's ' The Beholder '

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The nature of evil lies in its ability to enchant the beholder by veiling its true intentions, and using mankind’s greeds, desires and passions to corrupt the most pure of heart. Tolkien uses contrasts of light and dark, and good and evil to show the nature of evil in Middle-Earth. Before Gollum finds the ring we can see how easily the ring was able to corrupt him, because he stops looking to the light/good, and instead his gaze focuses on looking downward into the dark as he becomes more corruptible (51-52). There is a connection in Fangorn Forest as the trees in the day time are dulled by the light, but at night when there is no light they are more aware, and prone to do evil deeds (118). There is a correlation between evil and the fading of the Númenor Men as the light of men faded, evil was allowed back into the world (238). When the dwarves dig for mithril, they awake something evil deep inside the belly of Moria (309). As the dwarves delve too deep in the mountain it brings the corruption of evil through greed and desire.
The one ring is able to corrupt its bearer by using its domination over the will of others. When Déagol finds the ring on Sméagol’s birthday, the ring uses its influence to corrupt him into murdering Déagol (52). When Gandalf tells Bilbo to let go of the ring, the influence the ring has is shown as Bilbo calls the ring his precious, and he puts his hand on the hilt of his sword in defiance of Gandalf (33-34). The ring has the power to dominate the will of all that are around it, and is itself its own character. Frodo arrives at the Prancing Pony, and he feels the desire to put on the ring and vanish, but when he chooses not to put on the ring it uses its power to try and reveal itself by slipping on Frodo’...

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...ring he is half in the Ringwraith’s realm, and if they had succeeded in destroying Frodo he would have become like them, only less powerful (216). Frodo can not only see the realm of evil, but by being touched by the ring he is able to see the blessed realm and Glorfindel in his purest form (217). Only the wisest most pure of heart have the power to see in between realms like we see with Gandalf being able to see Frodo as transparent (217). When Frodo puts on the ring, Bombadil is able to see him although he is wearing the ring, because the ring possesses no power over him as he is on a higher plain of existence than Sauron is (131). We all have the courage to face what is before us and sometimes all it takes is one person’s or one halfling’s courage to make it rise in the rest of us. We just have to believe and have the faith that some things are worth fighting for.

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