Analysis Of Timothy Shriver 's ' Fully Alive ' Essay

Analysis Of Timothy Shriver 's ' Fully Alive ' Essay

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What is a community? Defined in the dictionary a community is “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” (Webster). Communities bring people together but they are tear relationships apart. In the following stories the authors of this story demonstrates community as a whole. In Fully Alive, Story Telling Animal, Robopocalypse, Stepford Wives, The Happiness Machine, The Girl Who was Plugged In and The Cave, are stories that deal with community and how it is negative and positive for the characters in the books.
In Fully Alive, Timothy Shriver talks about the special needs community. This is considered a positive community. The people that are mentioned in Timothy Shriver’s book create this positive community with smile son their faces and hope in their heart. This community has people with a few setbacks trying to make their lives better while also changing the lives of others. Loretta Clayborn was a really good example of positivity in the community. She was able to help Timothy Shriver and encourage him. Shriver saw how she strived to do better and in a speech that Loretta gave she says, “Today, I stand here amongst you, theses students here, I am proud to say, I am somebody. Yes!” (Shriver 156). Shriver puts this in the book because it is supposed to give people the encouragement to those who are reading the book. The other positive person that Shriver mention which is Daniel a person who was not afraid to die. He gave the encouragement. Even though there was a negative situation he brought light to a positive community.
Even Though in Fully Alive there was a positive community there was a time that the special needs community was negative. In the chapter “Pity of Purge” T...

... middle of paper ... was new world and when you stray from the community he felt loss but then came back and shared the news. He found that what the prisoners have been seeing was just part of the real thing- shadows. This community I feel was positive with a negative set back. The negative was that the person had to experience something alone and that we was not trusted. On the other hand the person was able to experience something positive and that was life and the humanity. The Cave is a story that brings every story together and tell about the good and bad of humanity.

In conclusion, communities can be positive and can also be negative. As shown through this essay negativity is cause by humans and how we think. There is mostly hatred in these stories but as read there is good and positivity that can become of it. Communities are what bring us together and create better people.

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