Analysis Of Timothy J. Shannon 's ' The Seven Years ' Essay example

Analysis Of Timothy J. Shannon 's ' The Seven Years ' Essay example

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In his book, Timothy J. Shannon gives readers a brief history of the Seven Years’ War along with several primary documents that provide readers with even more insight into how the War was affecting the everyday lives of the people. However, Shannon does a very good job of taking a more inclusive story, his is not just from the prospective of just one group of people. He gives readers access to the Native American perspective as well as the European one. Very similar to the writing of Thornton that we read earlier this semester. Much of what Shannon focuses his attention on within the book is the relationships between the French and the Native Americans and the relationship between English and the Native Americans. In particular, he focuses on the formation of alliances between the groups leading up to and even during the war. Shannon describes the alliance of the French and the Native Americans as a fairly strong one, then as the War drew closer he writes how the English began to seek alliances with the Natives as well. However, the way in which Shannon presents his information makes it seem as if the English were sincerely seeking legitimate alliances with the multiple groups of the Native Americans. Although, I agree with Shannon that both the French and the English were trying to recruit as many alliances as possible with the Native, I do not believe that the English were as sincere as Shannon makes them appear to be. If one were to further examine and contextualize the information with the documents of the book, it will become that the English were never had intentions of forming long term alliances with Native Americans. Instead, the English saw alliances with the Natives as an avenue to weaken the French and drive them ou...

... middle of paper ... Native Americans knew this and that is why so many Native Americans groups sided with the French once the war broke out: “Rising up From his seat with Appearance of Deep Concern on his Countenance he [Shingas] addressed his Prisoners with Great Solemnity, Telling them that he was sorry For what had happened Between then and the English But that the English and not the Indians were the Cause of the Present War” then when the British Officer was asked if Indians would be allowed to hunt and have the ability to live and trade with the English the Officer replied: “no Savage Should Inherit the Land.” This more than other piece of evidence clearly shows that English had no plans to live with the Native Americans peacefully, once the French had been forced out, instead the English wanted to conquer the Native peoples and then colonize their land for their own need.

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