Analysis Of Tim Cook 's `` For The Colorful `` Essay

Analysis Of Tim Cook 's `` For The Colorful `` Essay

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“For the Colorful” is the current text used for the product to attract people who are into colorful stuff now on a phone device. During the Apple Special Event author Tim Cook introduced a TV commercial during the Apple Special Event where the iPhone 5c was introduced. In the TV commercial Apple has introduced a new phone product to the market, it’s called the iPhone 5c, a phone that is designed to fit everyone’s personality no matter what nationality, color, style, and person you are because it has meant to fit your personality and needs. Meanwhile it shows the parts of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. A phone where you can go out and be yourself with showing the colors you love into your personality has to say a lot about how cool is the phone, and why you should get one. Apple uses this to attract their audience how, by showing them a phone with a color which they love to have.
The purpose of the phone is to make the world communicate with each other and helping the people have a phone that has the needs to everything. The big purpose of the color which the phone fits your needs makes you love it. The audience which are the people that want the product want to see what the phone is capable of, so Apple made a new iPhone with bright fun colors, which attracted a lot of people to get the phone. The factors that are surrounding the text are the messages which they use in the TV commercial, how it shows them talking with a colorful phone to people around the world showing them that their new product has an awesome personality for the color in which it comes in.
Ethos is in the cultural showing the TV commercial to the public with its amazing different people in it, their different culture in the TV commercial, and their language which ...

... middle of paper ...

...f the words aren’t “colorful”. Author Tim Cook making such a simple ad for the company Apple has made it very good showing the colors of the phones, and the different people used in the ad making the audience see how amazing of a product it is. Tim Cook shows all the meanings of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos into his text and by showing the people that this phone has all things you need as a smart phone but what in reality it is saying is the color of the phone and your personality fit for the style you want to have. Anyone can have this phone no matter where you are from and what style you have this phone has what it takes to match you and anything else. The new iPhone 5c has made a big change in the industry because of the way they made it colorful, like actual colorful not plain dull colors, and which make many other companies lack the style of the new colorful phones.

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