Analysis Of ' Things Go Better With Coke ' Essay

Analysis Of ' Things Go Better With Coke ' Essay

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“Things go better with Coke, whether this description is accurate or not, it is clear that media text may be regarded as representations of reality” [3]. Without consciously noticing, we are constantly bombarded with various media artifacts aiming to promote a particular product, behavior, or service on a daily basis. A campaign promoting Diet Coke carrying the theme “you’re on” featuring Taylor Swift was released in 2014 by the Coca-Cola company. The ad, which was made accessible throughout social media websites (e.g. YouTube and Facebook), presented Diet Coke as a mean of building courage for young strivers in particular, akin to an energy drink [4]. In a similar manner, Pepsi unleashed a 60-second video commercial featuring Beyoncé dancing to her newly-released song “Grown Woman”, and of course, while sipping Pepsi soda [5]. Themed “Mirrors”, the ad brings back some of Beyoncé’s old famous characters that dance in reflections in a dancing studio mirrors. Quoting Lewis and Lewis “We drink Coke because it is pleasurable, and because it has been promoted through a social imaginary of good health and having fun” [3]. Watching these ads, we may wonder, what is the objective behind these ads and what kind of outcomes do such ads inflict on public health in general? The main objective of this paper is to answer these questions and analyze the concept of risk and pleasure as well as the effects of typical ads on the health of the general population.

Why do people consume soda? Is it the excess caffeine? Is it that people simply enjoy the taste of it? Or do they enjoy a particular status that they unconsciously identify themselves with when drinking soda? Apparently, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi were banking on the latter speculation in b...

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...l comprise a major calorie source in teens’ diets [2], the need to revise our strategies in creating effective advertising campaigns on the side effect of drinking sugary sodas is necessary. In order to rule out the generated false realities and associations via such ads, public health advocates should implement effective marketing strategies to create high quality commercials in which teens’ needs, concerns, and interests are addressed through the construction of powerful images and narratives, perhap employing influential celebrities would be productive. Moreover, similar to the effective implementations tobacco ads-prevention programs, public health advocates should also consider banning industries from promoting products by creating false images, or at least demand that they address the damaging effects of their products in their promotions and product packages.

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