Analysis Of ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

Analysis Of ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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“Norm” is a universal language. Many must have seen a little boy refusing to wear pink, not because he does not like it, but because he fears the rejection from the circle of his friends. Many must have also seen that other than a child, most adults also wear and act and eat like the society does even if it does not interest them. A child and adult, both are brought up to submit to the norm because all human beings fear rejection. So can men, only, really be blamed for slowing down the process of women’s freedom? No, society, where both men and women play a big part stalling the process of women’s freedom. The narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” is living in a house in which she feels uncomfortable, in a room, she hasn’t picked out and is forbidden from engaging in the an activity that she enjoys, which is writing. From the beginning, we see that the narrator is imaginative, highly expressive woman. But as a part of “rest cure”, which forbids her to exercise her imagination in any way. John can be seen as a villain for repressing the narrator and, therefore, causing her demise, but John actually did what he did in an attempt to sincerely help his wife. John, however, fails to decipher that his wife feels that way because she desires some freedom in the house that John and the society deprive her of. This is because, men fail to comprehend the women 's need for self-expression, and self-identity due to the fear of the societal condemnation; therefore, they choose to repress these women in order to to maintain their reputation.

Leonce, like most of the men in this period, perceive women as their objects, instead of valuing these women as another human being like them. The society immersed this idea so much into their ...

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...0s) was just thrown to this idea that he needed time to acknowledge Nora’s sudden need for change.

As Hugh portrays, men are able to slowly modify their views and the expectation of the society to fit the needs of the women. Leonce and Torvald both expected their wives to submit to the role of typical wives, but when they deviate from this role, both of the husbands see their wives as “crazy”. Even Robert, who deviates from the standard of the society by flirting with the married woman, still refuses to completely be condemned by the society. Unlike Robert, however, Whit helps Jessie to discover herself. A society that is built upon a thousand and thousands years of the standard cannot be changed overnight, but its standard can be modified. Norm may be the universal language, but this norm can be modified to meet the needs of everybody.

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