Analysis Of ' The Winter 's Tale ' Essay

Analysis Of ' The Winter 's Tale ' Essay

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In Act One of “The winter’s Tale” Hermione and Leontes have what may be seen as an endearing relationship as Leontes seeks for Hermione’s support in persuading Polixines to stay, “ At my request he would not.” Hermione manages to convince Polixines to stay but when Polixines agrees to remain in Sicilia Leontes becomes suspicious of their relationship. Leontes’ assumptions lead to an irrational change in his behaviour. Their profound love turns toxic as Leontes’ jealous rage consumes him as he accuses his wife of committing adultery with his good friend Polixines. “ To mingle friendship far is mingling bloods. I have tremor cordis on me.” Leontes’ and Hermione’s love becomes destructive as Leontes suspicion consumes his mind. The use of the language ‘tremor cordis’ meaning racing and trembling heart is ironically associated as an effect of falling in love. This contrast may convey how love and jealousy are closely intertwined. Furthermore, it may also suggest how love can cause irrational behaviour. This reinforces the idea that it can be foolish to fall in love. The short sentence Shakespeare implements creates tension which acts as a dramatic device and consequently reflects Leontes’ rage and anguish which is mirrored in the dis-jointed syntax. The repetition of ‘mingle’ may reveal Leontes’ obsessive and furthermore emphasises his distress.
Similarly, Fitzgerald presents an enduring relationship between Daisy and Tom. Their relationship conveys its strength as Daisy and Tom reconcile their differences. “There’s things between Daisy and me that you’ll never know, things that neither of us can forget.” Tom attempts to control the past which helps to eradicate Gatsby’s vision for the future. Tom and Daisy share the same values ...

... middle of paper ... show you off.” It would appear that Daisy does not acknowledge her child in the way that would be expected . Like anything the Buchnanans liked to show off their wealth and this consequently also appeared the same for their daughter. Fitzgerald may be suggesting how Daisy treats her child as an object, this can be supported by the lack of responsibility and concern she appears to have for her child, not appreciating the preciousness of her daughter’s childhood. This contrasts with the way in which Tom treats Daisy like an object. Tom fails to give Daisy the attention she seeks, this may suggest why Daisy reignited her bond with Gatsby. His devotion provided her with the attention that was absent from her husband. Furthermore Daisy’s and Tom’s relationship has introduced a type of detrimental love which has influenced the way in which they nurture their daughter.

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