Essay on Analysis Of ' The Very Hungry Caterpillar '

Essay on Analysis Of ' The Very Hungry Caterpillar '

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The very hungry caterpillar illustrates the process of a little egg eats different food to grow up to be a butterfly. This book is appropriate for children between three-to-five as the storyline is clear and well-developed. Designed with simple, large pictures and bright colours, children can be engaged in the context as these illustrations are able to keep their attentions. Children’s language development can be stimulated as new vocabularies (e.g. names of different fruits) are introduced and the language structure is repeated in several pages. Furthermore, with the little holes in the book, children can poke their fingers and play with the book through storytelling. The design of the book has provided with astonishments while children turning the pages and invite them to play with the story. To deepen children’s understanding of the story, teachers can ask children to act the story by asking them to wear an apron, which has a pocket with different food pictures inside to make the story. Through the story acting activity, children are involved in the story and they are in the social pretend play that need to interact with other children (Ewing, 2013). Therefore, their storytelling ability and social ability would be enhanced.

Sunday chutney introduces a girl who travels a lot and has a positive manner to face the situation that changing schools frequently. The illustrations are appropriate to the story and for children who are aged between three to five. The story uses rich vocabularies, which can provide an opportunity for children to learn. Moreover, this book is related to a situation that children who need to travel to different places and change schools due to their parents’ jobs. Therefore, as children who are three to f...

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...other boys, which irritates his teacher. This book is appropriate for children who are aged between three to five. The reason is that the text and the pictures are working together to intrigue children, trigger their imagination and their interests in what Luke would find in the palace. In order to display Luke’s creativity, Ottley only used vivid colours in Luke’s drawings and his enjoyable experience in the palace, which can attract readers’ attention to the pictures and privilege Luke’s drawing in the pictures (Callow, 2011). Nadia had made wise word choices that include a variety of verbs phrases in the past simple tense, which allows children to learn vocabularies and raise their awareness of the characteristics of past simple tenses. Educators can guide children to discuss Luke’s feelings through the story and do modelling to show them how to further understand

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